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Greenhouses and Green Thumbs

If you’ve stuck with this blog for its short life, you know I believe in mentorship.

I believe in it because it has changed my life.

Every time I leave a greenhouse exchange with a mentor I feel more suitable for growth, pruned, and better rooted.

A great mentor really cares about your growth and welcomes you into his/her greenhouse.

Seek the shelter and atmosphere of growth that the greenhouse offers.

When it clicks in our heads that success equals gardening that is when we will do everything we can to hangout with the green thumbs of our industries.

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Parched Trees and Your Music

Living in the midst of a drought I’ve taken notice of the ebbs and flows of nature and who she rewards when the rain stops.
She rewards the oak planted 100 years ago. Find an oak and stay in his shade.
She rewards those planted near the spring. Find that spring and drink his wisdom.
She rewards those that are well rooted. Find who has withstood the winds and copycat him.
Your argument now is probably, “I don’t know any oaks.”
My argument is, they’re all at the library waiting for to introduce yourself.
Your music, or lack thereof, will always be byproduct of your proximity to the music that has already been written.
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