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The Same Kind of DIfferent

The more I travel and share with people the more often I’m getting asked what to do.

“What should I be doing?” And “What would you do?” are consistently the most often asked questions during our post talk Q & A’s.

Here’s the catch: they haven’t discovered or tapped into their music.

When you can define your why you will have framed the music you will make. Success is your purpose, meaning, and fulfillment….yours. Not the guy next to you – yours.

Some music begins with a small business and then ends with a white picket fence. Some music begins with a non-profit purpose, has a bridge of relationships, and ends with dinner and a movie. Nevertheless, you can’t say it’s this and you can’t say it’s that.

What I’m getting at is only you can define your success. Webster gave us a generic description, but it’s up to you nail it’s definition down for you.

We’re as much different as we are the same.

Whatever definition you arrive at, I do know this – it ends daily with sleeping well.


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