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My experience has led me to notice that most of us tend to ‘say grace’ not out of a spirit of awe and wonder, but more often with a posture of obligation, duty, and routine. It’s just what you do, in some circles, after your aunt has prepared her casserole for your uncle’s birthday.

If we’re honest, connecting grace to annual casserole traditions hasn’t helped our eyes learn how to search for true grace.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Grace can be and is always more available than we tend to be.

And the second we allow ourselves to become available is the second grace becomes the very air we breathe.

Until we start seeing grace in the very chair we’re sitting in, we’ll continue to be blind in our steps that follow.

So look for grace today.

Even if it’s just to yourself, say something when you see it.

Watch it start to multiply.

Watch yourself start to be it.

We always will see through the eyes of what we’re becoming.

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Podcast 44: Chasing Slow with Erin Loechner

Before age 30, Erin Loechner built a fan base of one million women worldwide and earned the title “The Nicest Girl Online” as she was praised for her authentic voice and effortless style. Though she received applause from The New York Times, friends and family, she was still left wanting more.

In her upcoming book Chasing Slow: Courage to Journey Off the Beaten Path (Zondervan, January 10, 2017), Erin shares her journey away from fast, fame and frenzy to a new-fashioned lifestyle of less. Less want, more contentment. Less busy, more rest. Less pressure, more happiness. Less striving, more acceptance. Less fast, more slow.

Erin joins us in this episode at Let The Music Play Podcast as we talk about surrender, abundance, grace, and letting go of the scorecards we tend carry in our lives.


Be sure to share this episode with those you love and those you lead!

As always you can stream or download every episode in iTunes or at AshtonGustafson.com.


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How do you habituate what will transform you?

It starts in our eyes.

We must understand that the mediums and moments that transform us are rarely convenient or easily welcomed.

What if we were able to see traffic jams, slow wi-fi, misunderstandings, miscommunication, challenging relationships, and inclement weather to be our teachers?

What if somehow, someway, we could believe that the cosmos aligned these teaching moments for us?

For us.

For our good.

For our transformation.

Would compassion become our compass?

Would grace become the gifts we give?

Would Love become our language?

Would vulnerability become our value system?

Would transformation become a habit?


May we all remember that The Flow is always in our favor, and because this is so, may transformation become habitual.

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How to tune a heart.

The heart tunes when we begin letting go to what isn’t and start clinging to what actually is. 

Fear isn’t much more than an accuser and a thief. Hence the constant trial and robbery we feel when we can’t let go. All the while, Love is the fuel and the engine, the river and the ocean, and the song and the dance of reality’s gorgeous storyline. Hence the cosmic connnection to all things when we’re dialed into and clinging to this Love.

The heart tunes with a surrender to the moment…

…and when the ego lays down…

…and when joy is the thread we choose to weave the blankets of our lives with.

Tune the heart.

Warm the soul.

Sing thy grace.

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Grace is something that is hard to explain isn’t it? It’s kind of the glue, and kind of the song, and kind of the fragrance, and somehow, most likely, the plot in the story of all we see and experience.

Grace is the mysterious space between you and I and yet it is the thing in the space that connects you and I.

Grace whispers to us, grace welcomes us, and grace will only not be found when we’re preoccupied with something else ourselves. When we’re numb it can’t be felt. When we’re blind it can’t be seen.

It’s the previews of what’s to come, the show that’s in the here and now, and the word in parentheses after every name in the credits.

Quoting Thomas Merton, grace is like art in that it “enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” It was in the breeze this morning that wrapped around my skin and took me somewhere else for a moment. It was in the voicemail I wish I didn’t have to deal with today. And it was in the caffeinated, brewed algorithm I call ‘my coffee’. Its’ presence doesn’t change from the highs to the lows or from the majestic to the mundane.

And so our whimsical response is threefold: give it, share it, and enjoy it. The challenge is to not spill it or hoard it. There’s always more, but it need not be wasted or pocketed.

Yes, it’s amazing. But the bigger YES is that it’s available you, to me, and everyone with a tick-tock in their chest.

The shelf life of grace is just for the moment.

And isn’t that all we have?

And if the moment is all we have, could it be that grace is that all we need?


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