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Pre-Order The Sacred Enneagram by Chris Heuertz


On September 5 The Sacred Enneagram by Chris Heuertz will be available for purchase. You can pre-order this now at Amazon by clicking the image of the book below.

I cannot say enough good things about what you will learn from both the enneagram itself and the insight that Chris brings to it.

For more information on The Sacred Enneagram and workshops Chris will be hosting this fall, go to https://gravitycenter.com/sacredenneagram/.


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Our soul and our role(s).

The conversations here revolve around mathematics.

As for our roles, it’s an ever changing discussion on when to add, how to multiply, and what to divide. Learning which one to choose and when to choose it is the art form. 

As for the soul, the discussion must always be about subtraction to remove, undo, and unlearn that which isn’t necessary so that we can enjoy the well which never runs dry. 

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How to tune a heart.

The heart tunes when we begin letting go to what isn’t and start clinging to what actually is. 

Fear isn’t much more than an accuser and a thief. Hence the constant trial and robbery we feel when we can’t let go. All the while, Love is the fuel and the engine, the river and the ocean, and the song and the dance of reality’s gorgeous storyline. Hence the cosmic connnection to all things when we’re dialed into and clinging to this Love.

The heart tunes with a surrender to the moment…

…and when the ego lays down…

…and when joy is the thread we choose to weave the blankets of our lives with.

Tune the heart.

Warm the soul.

Sing thy grace.

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