Wandering Into The Familiar With Wonder

You get up, you shower, you have a cup of coffee, you check your email, you drive to work, you work, you drive home, you have dinner, you watch the news, you go to sleep. The sun rises and then you hit repeat.

Looking straight into the familiar we often neglect to look and listen at what’s around it. We must wander into what’s familiar with an expectation of surprise.

The hope here is that this wandering can lead to a wonder that leads to you having gained new insight, making change, or creating something new from the familiar.

Look and listen to the all too familiar trees around you. Behind the leaves you won’t believe how the once hidden bluebird sings your songs or how she glistens with inspiration and direction.

True or false: It’s hard to get full of wonder when you’re stuffed with familiar.


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One thought on “Wandering Into The Familiar With Wonder

  1. Tanya says:

    LOVE this, so TRUE!!! Let the familiar be disrupted and may we have new eyes to see the beauty around us.

    Tanya Murphy AG Real Estate


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