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This Year…

May you feel the weight of destiny in each sunrise and experience the peace of pursued destiny with each sunset.

Be the bloom of what you’ve planted. Plant what you want to bloom.

May you taste your coffee and cherish your wine.

Don’t walk. Don’t run. Waltz with purpose.

Find metaphors. Live them. Give them.

Let the soul breathe and have its say.

More music. Less noise.

Happy New Year.


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A Letter from 2014

Dearest Musician,

This is your time.

This is your canvas.

So gather your instruments, join your fellow musicians, and let your music play.

Know that you are a better teacher for yourself than any book will ever be. Listen to the mirror.

However, it’s not what you know that will fulfill you. It’s what you become when you do what you do and witnessing who that impacts that will fulfill you.

Keep a lookout for the unseen, untouched, and unloved people, places, and things. There is great opportunity in such discoveries.

And lastly, say no to karaoke and yes to something original.

Yours truly,

Two Thousand and Fourteen

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