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This Year…

May you feel the weight of destiny in each sunrise and experience the peace of pursued destiny with each sunset.

Be the bloom of what you’ve planted. Plant what you want to bloom.

May you taste your coffee and cherish your wine.

Don’t walk. Don’t run. Waltz with purpose.

Find metaphors. Live them. Give them.

Let the soul breathe and have its say.

More music. Less noise.

Happy New Year.


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Rare and Valuable

The natural lean today is to make a list of our goals in regards to what we want to become in the next 365 days.

Most people will want to become:



more healthy,

more wealthy,



or better at ________.

All of which are worthwhile and respectable goals, but  today I’m arguing for you to dwell on your “be” goals rather than your “become” goals.

For example, when you are rare and valuable overtime you become and create something rare and valuable. Rare choices breed rare returns and value-able people are compensated accordingly because of their ability to create that value. Funny, but words do what they promise…be rare and you will become something rare – which will probably have value to someone somewhere.

Ask any Navy Seal, world-class athlete, top producing salesperson, hallowed artist, best-selling author, or studio musician and you will hear stories full or rare events and intense training – most of which was done while no one was watching.

So go ahead and seek to get noticed, get sought out, stand out from the crowd, lose weight, or build wealth this year – but don’t forget you and your story will have to be something rare and valuable.

We have to be a certain way before we can become the goals we are after.

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