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Gifts and Gratitude

Rain that wakes you up in the middle of the night, the smell of coffee even before you experience the taste, the regrouping period after a laugh attack, and the orchid that calls your name when you walk in the local market…these are the recognized gifts of those who are awake to the grace peppered over their moments. If we can stay in such a state of awareness, we will turn every corner with holy and eager anticipation.

As you approach this week be on the lookout for the small, the mostly overlooked, and even the moments you would typically avoid (getting out of bed at 3 am to watch the rain).

Gratitude opens the gate to the garden of our souls. And if that garden is available and can receive the seeds, sun, and rain it needs to flourish then you just may find the theme of life that every human is longing for.

Our job is to open the gate and part the veil to make the garden available. It’s Another’s job to provide the seed, sun, and rain.

To be open and available with a grounding ‘Thank you’, truly, is a WONDERful place to point your days.

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There isn’t a gift under a tree that compares to the gift(s) under your skin.

Or put another way, your music can’t be purchased. It’s in you and simply waiting for you to unwrap it, give it room to breathe, and compose itself.

To know and act on this daily is the path to sleeping in heavenly peace.

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