A friend pairs well…

…with a phone call. It’s nice – and comforting – to be heard isn’t it?

…with a marriage. What/who else would you want to invest and spend your days with?

…with any exchange of currency (financial, social, relational, etc). Win-win is a no-no today for many and for some, taboo. Bob Goff rattled my cage with this thought – “God doesn’t pass us notes, He passes us people.” Let us not forget that it’s in our daily exchanges where most people are passed to us.

Alas, to be a friend and to let those friends that you have know you consider them into this sacred grouping is one of the finest human compliments.

To clarify, this isn’t a scratch-my-back-I’ll-scratch-yours friendship pairing we’re arguing for. What charms and delights here is the I’ve-got-your-back type of friendship.

I hope you will share this with someone that has paired well with your days.

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