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A hero of mine once wrote, “I’d love to start again, go back to innocent – and never leave.” That hero would be David Crowder.

At two years of age, my daughter rarely has a day that wasn’t at some point a blast or leaves her awestruck saying “oh my!”. I’m starting to think that innocence has a lot to do with this.

We finish our days  locked in our inbox instead of gazing at the cosmos and we start our days fogged in the  breaking news in-lieu of being lost in the rays of possibility that the sunrise holds.

Could it be that we know too much and experience too little?

I’ll never forget the day my life changed. Mid February 2006. That was the day I went from “wondering generality to meaningful specific.” It was also the most innocent day of my life.

I try to go back to that day everyday now.

Innocence makes color jump off of the blank canvas and leaves us saying “oh my!”

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