The Italians are on to something right now with their latest fashion trend. The phenomenon is called “Spezzato”, which translates as “broken in two,” and describes the the style of taking one jacket from a suit and matching it with a pair of pants from another suit.

We can and should learn from this.

Our businesses are in need of being spezzato’d.

I believe he who perfects the art of the mismatch will be who leads the industry, sector, and niche of choice for the future.

This is what I mean….Metaphorically, when you swap your jacket or trousers with that of another business you then start a trend that starts a story that starts a conversation that creates a movement.

We don’t need another bank, we need another bank that feels like Nordstrom.

We don’t need another church, we need another church that feels like Cheers.

We don’t need another restaurant, we need another restaurant that feels like LuLuLemon.

This is your invitation to mix, match, and mismatch.

You’re probably thinking about how this won’t match. And that’s the point.

It’s all in how you wear it.

2 thoughts on “Spezzato

  1. Dynamite!!!!!!!

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