It’s All About…


You’ve heard people remark about another saying they have ‘it’ or they have the ‘it factor’. What they’re saying is that particular individual leaves his/her moments, relationships, and situations different from how they found them. Or to put it another way, something is refreshed, realized, birthed, or made better after exposure to this person’s ‘itness(i.e. their ability to get you to see, move, exist, or experience something differently and for the better).

Our minutes, our hours, our days, our weeks, our years, our careers, and our lives must continually be made and transformed into something different. Not for the sake of being different for difference sake, but for the betterment of our lives, relationships, and the world at large.

How we can ask and seek to change the world without asking the same of ourselves?

If we only knew how holy the Law of Reciprocity is…..


3 thoughts on “It’s All About…

  1. You are true Leader Ashton and I always enjoy hearing your words of wisdom.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great post! Yes, the ego wants us to believe we are an independent being, not interconnected to all other beings in the universe. Every one of our thoughts, words or actions goes out into the universe and impacts us all and is returned to us multiplied. For me, the Laws of Reciprocity and Attraction work together to create our reality. For me, my reality is created with each choice I make, and those choices begin with the thoughts I think…..then come out of my mouth as words….

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