Raising Your Hand

Remember elementary school? Remember the golden rule of raising your hand?

Well, good news, you no longer have to raise your hand for permission to do something, ask a question, or make a statement.

In this new (and what appears here to stay) economy you just need to start the doing, the questioning, and the statement making.

We used to fear raising our hand for one of two reasons: we were afraid of what the teacher’s reaction would be or we were afraid of what our classmates would say behind our back.

Now, with hand raising no longer in the rule book, the fear lies in starting something great, asking great questions, and making a great statement.

The resistance will pour you a glass of fear to drink if there’s any chance of you making or doing something great and worthwhile.

Three things:

1) Starting is step one and must happen for step two to occur. Talking about step ten will never make starting step 1 easier. Just do it.

2) Questions > Answers.

3) The statement I’m talking about here is the metaphor you were sent here to show us.

You can put your hands down now. Go.

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