The Influx of More…

The last days of a year always lead me to reflection. I enjoy looking back, but I’m always even more excited to look ahead.

The connection economy does a great job of connecting us, but it also gives us more ways and options to waste time, lose track of time, and get lost in time.

2013 Fact: There was a massive influx of things made and created for us to disregard our time.

2014 Fact: There will, again, be a massive influx of things for you to disregard your time.

Our economy is now built on the pocket-pickers of time (more ad revenue, right?) and those who willingly are pick-pocketed. It’s a weird waltz that makes the S & P dance, isn’t it?

But this is your time, not theirs.

Start planning today for you to protect it, move into it, and create with it.

We all need more and more of less and less.

One thought on “The Influx of More…

  1. mrsg1 says:

    Best quote of 2013!
    Thank you for reminding us that “we all need more & more of less & less”

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