Little Tricks for Big Expansion in Our Lives

1) Serve strangers and let them teach you something. Paths don’t cross without purpose.

2) When someone says you should read a book, buy it and read it. I’ve found these to be hints with sustenance.

3) Write down every Monday why you’re going remember this week. What do you remember about last week? Exactly.

4) Sleep more.

5) Romance your vocation(s). A bloom involves many healthy petals. You want to be in constant bloom and why not be great at everything you’ve been called to?

6) Be near with how things are. Farmers have a different perspective in the produce aisle than most of us do.

7) Give. Nourish. Invest. Save. Experience. 5 holy focuses for people, places, things, and money.

8) Taste your food.

9) Enjoy your coffee.

10) ________________________________________________. <<<<<<<< You tell me.

3 thoughts on “Little Tricks for Big Expansion in Our Lives

  1. Deb says:

    Each day is a gift that’s a present. Welcome each day with thanks for the gift.

  2. Stephen says:

    10.) Let your spouse know WHY they are special to you, and the blessing you feel because of it

  3. Keith Williamson says:

    10. Enjoy a sunrise

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