Inner and Outer Worlds

A life explored from the inside out is a life that gives the world gifts from the heart space, offers and reveals its individual art for the greater good, and shines simply for the purpose of contribution.

On the other hand, a life navigated from the outside in that is constantly monitoring ‘enemy’ radar tends to take (typically offense or advantage) more often than it gives simple beauty and is constantly refining its consumption habits and preferences.

Starting with our own interior world changes everything. And perhaps the best news is that we get to partake in the magic in-lieu of being mis-taken.

Einstein said it best, “The greatness of an artist lies in the building of an inner world, and in the ability to reconcile this inner world with the outer.”

The outer world? Yes, it can get a little crazy with 7.4 billion of us. But you? Your center is love and good. What if we all started there?

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