Episode 31: A Conversation with Ryan O’Neal of Sleeping At Last


ryan o'neal

Ryan O’Neal

Listen to any one of his songs and Ryan O’Neal of Sleeping At Last will take you and your soul on a journey you won’t soon forget. With cosmic curiosity and an awe of the intricate webbing of the universe, Ryan joins us in Episode 31 as we talk about the creative process, finding rhythms to sustain productive output, Spiral Dynamics, Fr. Richard Rohr, and The Enneagram.

We also discuss the recent release of his music video for “Saturn” where he collaborated with Tom Shea as well as the story behind his wonderful Atlas Project(s).

Ryan was so kind to allow us share his work throughout this podcast. You’ll hear “Sun” throughout the interview and we end with one of his latest songs called “Sight”. Make sure you read his blog entry on how “Sight” came to be. It’s beautiful.

Please also make sure to sign up for his newsletter (it’s not your normal newsletter), follow his work, and take time to allow his music to move you.

And as always, remember to share this episode with those you love and those you lead.

You can stream and download all other episodes of Let The Music Play in iTunes or at AshtonGustafson.com.



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