Locking our eyes…

…is the only way we’ll unlock our horns.

Locking eyes turns our labeling vernacular from ‘them’ into ‘us’ and from ‘those’ into ‘we’. How we desperately need this right now.

Until we understand the heart, the story, and the souls that we look into (not just look at from afar) we’ll forever be locked in our divisions of us vs. them, good guys vs. bad guys, and the other myriad of ways we dualistically define ourselves.

So may we begin to lock eyes and listen…and remember that we belong to each other.

Love sowers are peace reapers.

One thought on “Locking our eyes…

  1. […] to let me out. He handed me my bags outside of his office on four wheels and then we gratuitously locked eyes knowing that there was more than an exchange of currency for services that had transpired in a […]

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