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Re: Minders


  • You have more choice than you realize.
  • People matter.
  • Everything doesn’t matter equally.
  • Know your metrics for life, relationships, and vocation.
  • Wisdom is the highway to liberation.
  • Wonder > Success.
  • Your interior world > Your exterior world.
  • Things end so new things can begin.
  • I’m glad I did > I wish I had.
  • Say what you need to say.
  • Do what you need to do.
  • You are more than your title(s) and role(s).
  • “History doesn’t repeat itself but it rhymes.” Mark Twain
  • Life is happening for you.
  • Keeping score can keep you from scoring something beautiful.
  • Pause by orchids and the autumn trees shedding their leaves.
  • Listen to the birds sing.
  • Be love.
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Why do we cut flowers, stand them in a vase, and display them in our home? The hope, at least for my home, is be a reminder to bloom…a reminder to grow…a reminder to be alive.

Why do we hang painted canvas on our walls? We do so because they point us somewhere, don’t they? They point our imagination out of the box. They take us to a treasured place, time, or moment. They remind us to paint something ourselves.

Why do we write or read another’s writings? The heart of a writer is not to have you enlightened, but to remind you of what you already know deep inside of you. Success to a writer is having you agree ‘that’s right’ – not having you exclaim ‘that’s new’. On the other hand, success to the reader is saying this author ‘gets me’.

And what about our true heroes and mentors? Not the ones that dunk basketballs, but the ones we have on speed dial. If they’ve earned the badge of such a title it’s probably due to their investment in getting to know us. When we go astray they are our ever-gracious compass to show and remind us where North is.

Why are you here?

Probably to remind us of something.

This is your friendly reminder to be, become, and live out a metaphor that reminds us all as to how things are.

Do your thing.

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