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Yook and Yisten: A Celebration of One’s Uniqueness

My wife and I have three year old girl that lives with us. There’s no doubt you’ll come to know her one day, but for now let’s just call her Story.

Story has many talents, but one of my favorite talents she has is her patent-pending ability to use words that start with a ‘L’ and pronounce them as though they start with a ‘Y”.

Some may call this a flaw to correct, but to me it’s flare to celebrate.

Who said you can’t make funny faces with your music?

Who said keep your tongue in during a slam dunk?

Who said flowers were supposed to be painted right-side up?

Leaders, take a yook and yisten to the flare of your followers.

One’s mean, median, and mode is not what they were sent here to illuminate with.

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