Human > Digital

The digital ecosystem is here to stay. But we were human before we were digital – we had soul before we had batteries.

We text and say “we talked.” We email and say “we wrote them a note”. While these digital avenues can accomplish the same exchange of information, the weight of the exchange is much different between the two.

There is a ton of beauty in this new digital ecosystem, but it will never be able to overshadow the spoken word or the physical touch.

If you think there will come a time when you can ask your girlfriend to marry you via text message – think again. If you try, you won’t find a fiance – you’ll find the man in the mirror to be single again.

Rule of thumb: If you can be human in an exchange, be human.

A thank you note given in your handwritten ink will always be remembered more than a text alert in the recipient’s pocket.

We all want to be told we are loved, not tweeted we are loved.

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One thought on “Human > Digital

  1. Denny Bishop says:

    Well said!

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