Go (Shift) With The Flow

There are very few companies that stop, see change, and change with it.

Many are talking about the shifts that is going on around them. They’re probably wrong though. By the time most get around to talking about a shift, it typically has already happened.


Newspapers. Shifted (not shifting).

Payphones. Shifted (not shifting).

AOL as a means of Internet access. Shifted (not shifting).

Coins. Shifted (not shifting). Unless you’re at a gum-ball machine.

And so forth…

Those who shift with the world that is shifting around them are known as innovators. I think they’re just simply smart and wise enough to not be glued to their inbox. Call it innovating, but there’s nothing world-changing about paying attention. Or maybe there is…..

You can shift with the flow or fight it. I assure you shifting > fighting it.

Stop. See. Shift.

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