“Why reinvent the wheel?”

That’s a dangerous question that typically leads to nothing, no growth, and no action.

Sure you can’t reinvent the wheel, but you can reinvent how it intersects our world and culture.

Homes will always need to be sold, but ways for that transaction to transpire will always need to be reinvented.

Communication will always be needed, but reinvent the means of communicating. (Pony Express, Postal Service, Phone, Email, Text, Twitter – what’s next?)

You can’t reinvent the concept of a hotel, but you can reinvent what an overnight stay looks like.

Travel will always need to happen, but please reinvent the way your wheel gets you traveling.

Ask yourself this daily, “if I was starting my business today what would I do/create that didn’t do when I did start my business _______ years ago? – AND, what would I do away with that I did do 10 years ago when I started my business?”

Whatever that answer is will be how you should reinvent yourself today and everyday.

Just don’t convince yourself that your wheel is as perfect as you think it is.

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