Can You Name Your Band Members?

I’m in a band. Metaphorically.

Here are my members:

  • Service
  • Imagination
  • Rapid Response
  • Strategy
  • Truth and Trust
  • Old School Work Ethic
  • Relationship Focus
  • You Get What You Give

Until you select and find your band members for your personal and professional life, your music will be gasping for oxygen.

My calling in life is to help others find, gather, and detect their instruments in hopes of them getting their music to play.

When all of the above thoughts, ideas, expressions, and actions bang together simultaneously in motion, tempo, tune, and rhythm – things start to get rowdy (in a great way).

Tips for your band creation and member auditions:

  • What things are non-negotiable in your life and business?
  • What gets you out of bed?
  • Why do you hire/fire?
  • Do you have a mantra?

Answer these and it’s time to start your song writing.

Godspeed in your music making.

I would love to hear your feedback.

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