The $4.00 Card Author That Robbed You

Millions of Valentine’s cards were purchased yesterday and exchanged.

Pause for a second…there’s a multi-million dollar economy that writes one to ten heart-felt sentences on your behalf for you to give to someone.

This economy exists because most don’t believe in their poetry. Vulnerability was at stake and most chose the $4.00 card over exposing their gratitude and love themselves.

Knowing this, they (Hallmark, American Greetings, Target) took your moment, they took your pen, and they took your chance to give artistic meaning through written expression.

And yet this happens in various forms everyday doesn’t it?

Every day is a fight to release your poetry, art, and musings and get your pen back.

Handmade > Factory Produced

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One thought on “The $4.00 Card Author That Robbed You

  1. Tanya Murphy says:

    Well said ASH!!!!

    Tanya Murphy AG Real Estate

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