Faces and Spaces

Where’s the so-called middle man? The promoter, the publisher, and the “retailer”. Hard to find him, isn’t it?

Our network economy has become the middle man itself. The web is now the middle, the market, and the space where the magic happens.

Think about it. In a way your book sits right next to Stephen King’s book on Amazon’s shelf, your album is in the same iTunes jukebox with U2, and your ideas are one click away from Einstein’s. This was not the case in 1995.

This entry is for our awareness in the commercial shift from places to spaces.

We must realize the economy of the world is not headed towards more physical places, but rather ONE space we can interact, produce, create, communicate, and share in.

You and your ideas don’t need a storefront, they just need to connect with the right people and ideas in the space we call the web.



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