You Saw It, You Just Missed It

Your hand is on a computer mouse, smart phone, keyboard, or laptop right now. Have you blocked that fact out? Jobs saw this coming in the 80’s while hacking away in his garage.

There’s probably a lightbulb buzzing around you right now. Did you miss that? Edison sat in the dark and saw this moment for us in 1879.

The rising sun is casting neon rays against the clouds and across the horizon. Did you catch that? Or was it blotted out by a Starbucks sign? Could you capture that beauty and put a fraction of it into what you make today?

The rose is in bloom. Are you?

And people. What about people? What about souls? Are they data and statistics? Or are they the ocean of your experience?

Most often, it’s not that you can’t see what’s around you. Oh you can see alright! Rather, it’s simply that you’re not looking. Or, you’re not looking for the right things in the odd and rare places they can found.


Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it anywhere. And typically, when we’re looking for something we see it everywhere.

So the BIG question is what are you looking for? Hope? A pity party? Passion? Joy? Profit? A deal? The next rung on the ladder? Measurement? Yourself? Experience? Meaning?

In a world powered by your music, we give all too much attention to the noise around us.

Before I hit publish I prayed that you would have whatever moment, person, experience, or thought you need to see today.

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