The Friendship of Befriending

“You like to surf? I have a friend that owns a surf shop. You guys should connect. I’ll connect you.”

“You’re looking to sell your home? I have a friend that sells real estate. Maybe you could ask her to come check out your home? Here’s her number.”

“You’ve gone gluten free? I have a friend that shares information like that with me all the time. They just sent me this guy’s web site.

We’ll always share the friendship aspect of a friend before we’ll share how a friends pays his or her light bill or hobbies their time.

Word of mouth is back and 99.9% of the time it starts with “I have a friend…..”

Be nice.

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2 thoughts on “The Friendship of Befriending

  1. Mary Chedsey says:

    I look forward to each and every blog post, totally respecting that you do this every single day, Ashton. And every single day, you boil it down to the basics of being kind, not having a secret agenda and going one click beyond common.
    Keep ’em coming

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