The Secrets

We don’t like secrets. We don’t like them because they may prove that what we currently believe is false. And no one enjoys being wrong.

However, it’s a spirit of wonder that unlocks such secrets to take you, your business, and your life to the next level of efficiency, effectiveness, imagination, and fulfillment.

In all reality, there are no secrets. There’s only new and unconnected data, information, mediums, ways, and music to be discovered, written, and created in your given industry or line of work.

When you learn to listen and watch for secrets, you learn to like them. It becomes a joy to connect the unconnected and, in doing so, you will have found a secret.

All you need to wonder is this: “Is this as good as it (we) (I) can get?”

And always, the answer somehow and someway is no.

“What started as a whisper, slowly turned into a scream.” Ben Harper

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