A new (old) kind of beautiful….

It has happened so fast and most of us haven’t noticed the trend. The concept of beautiful has become synonymous with glamor.

And they’re not the same.

This understanding and perspective is failing us.

We have bigger homes with smaller hearts.

We have faster, fancier cars accompanied with even faster breathing.

And we’ve chosen consumption over care for ourselves and our neighbors.

A vote won’t change this. Your next tweet won’t either.

But you can.

You can make the choice to step off the tireless hamster wheel, get out of the glamourous rat race, and waltz with your humanity back into what’s truly beautiful.

Before you start unwrapping on Friday, let’s remember to not get our words mixed up.

Praying this week that you find a way in your world to experience that new, old, kind of beautiful.

The keys are yours…

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