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Do You Have A Card?

I’m currently on my 9th different business card since graduating from college. However, on the outside looking in, nothing about my job description has changed. 7 years later, I’m still helping people buy and real estate.

But a lot has changed. For one (a big one), I’ve found my WHY.

My latest card doesn’t offer a full name, title, cell number, email address, or even a fax number for you to send me what could’ve been scanned.

I went this route for three reasons:

1) We can get stuck in the rut of what our card says we do. (For me, there’s way more going on here than just real estate transactions and I have a rut phobia)

2) We change the world not by doing what we’re told to do, but by doing what we’re not told to do.

3) I want my life to represent an idea not a title. A win here happens when you start to unlock that idea.

“Do you have a card?” If so, it probably describes more of who you aren’t than who you truly are.



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Paying With Attention

There are two types of currency:

  • Money
  • Attention

We pay those who pay us with attention. Thus, we should pay better attention to those who pay us and our brands.

Have you or your brand checked in with the people who pay you lately?

A deposit in the Bank of Relationship will always pay greater dividends than one into your mass media marketing budget.

It’s never been easier to start the conversation, listen, respond, and pay attention.




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Whatever your goals, dreams, and ideas are farm them.

Then pray for rain.

Hint: God is the silent partner in all great enterprises. Abraham Lincoln

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Email and Cocaine

Note: I post this because it is directly pointed at myself.

Email is beautiful – it beats the heck out of the pony express. But it is killing my productivity.

It’s the drug I can’t get enough of. It steals from my business, my family, and all forms of productivity.

I think we need to be weened off. Maybe we can pursue 15 minutes in the inbox and then 45 minutes of true work with our hands, feet minds, and voices?

How is it that we now have the capability of ever constant communication (which is good), but we’re trading it for actually producing something?

What is the one thing that has imprisoned and kept of the great musicians from producing their music? Drugs. I would say the same goes for the entrepreneur and his email.

Checking our productivity > Checking our email.


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The Rome De Facto & The Problem That Follows

The Rome De Facto is the adopted thought that essentially states – what wasn’t done today can be done tomorrow. AKA – Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Of course “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

This phrase can get us into trouble if we’re not careful.

Daily, we get distracted or detoured towards that big thing (Rome) we’re all after, but the Rome De Facto allows us to pat ourselves on the back – while simultaneously believing that tomorrow just may have 25, 26, 27, or 48 hours to finish, mend, or make what wasn’t today.

Sure, 24 hours didn’t build Rome, but it was built day, by day, by day, by day….

Tomorrow will attempt to convince you that it is adequately prepared to build the walls that should have and could have been built today. It’s lying to you.

Whatever your Rome is, it should be more accessible, more traveler friendly, safer, and even more sharable today than it was yesterday.

If today is done right, your just a few short tomorrows from your Rome needing a suburb.

2 Points:

  • Comparing your project to the construction timeline of Rome belittles the significance of today.
  • We’re given these little things called days that add up to a big thing called life, and you don’t want to look back in 5,10, or 50 years and have fallen victim to the Rome De Facto.
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