Thoughts – The Road to Reality

I just started Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I’m finding this is one of those “where has this been all my life” books.

Yesterday I read something that I wasn’t able to shake…”Our thoughts have relatives.”

In other words, if we see something as a problem we can turn it into a nightmare. Or, if we see something as a challenge we just might be able to also see the solution.

How we see in things our minds has a lot to do with how we hold them and respond to them in the physical.

Think about it. Change your thoughts – change your life.


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2 thoughts on “Thoughts – The Road to Reality

  1. mrsg1 says:

    The mind is basically a muscle. It needs to be trained to intentionally believe in possibilities!

  2. dolceniente says:

    Love the message. In the counseling world we call this “Cognitive Therapy”, which basically states that our “thoughts” affect our “emotions”. Training the brain to replace negative cognitions with positive cognitions, which will lead to healthier feelings. The brain is a powerful tool.

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