Copy and Paste

It’s almost too easy now…

You can walk into the store purchase the mannequin’s outfit and put it on tomorrow. Stylish (today). But you’ve copied and pasted.

You can choreograph a new dance for your studio and add a taste of Gangham Style. Funny. But, again, you’ve copied and pasted.

In your pursuit of the creating the next great burger chain you can add “your” version of The Secret/1000 Island Sauce. Good. And, once more, you’ve copied and pasted.

Fulfillment in your work will be found when instead of describing it to be “like” something, you can say “this unlike anything you’ve ever seen.”

The reward is in the work, in the creative, and in revealing what The Muse has whispered that only you can decipher.

Say no to metaphorical right-clicking copying and pasting.


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