The Pull of ‘New’

Ideas, information, and relationships are the fuel of the modern day economic engine. Chances are it is why you’re headed to work now, why you will check social media mediums well over 10 times today, and maybe even why you’ve given this blog the time of day.

New pulls people close. New ideas get conversation started. New information helps others in their decision making. New relationships help straighten the connect-the-dots lines of both our personal and business lives. New authors color, taste, favored sounds, and experience.

The last world pushed. Its marketing pushed us to move, take action, and buy…and buy now. It didn’t pull and ask us what we thought, rather it pushed and told us how we should think. Thankfully this mentality has passed its prime. If you still think this way, it’s safe to assume your experience in this economy is very frustrating.

2 thoughts for all of us today:

1) What will they be saying about us in 3013? We should ponder that answer often.

2) What can we do to get to ‘better’ today? Chances are something new is pulling at you.


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