The Doors We Walk Through and The Joy Found On The Other Side Via Creating

We all walk through proverbial doors to get something or to go some place.

You had something to say. So you walked through the door to say it. Then you found the conversation, the ebb and flow of listen and response, to mean more than what you were so excited to share.

You needed caffeine. So you walked through the door to get it. All that to find that the sound and aroma of coffee brewing meant more than the caffeine fix itself.

You wanted a career. So you walked, diploma in hand, through a door to get one. Then you noticed it was the stories, both the good ones and not so good ones, that held the joy that defined a great career.

All too often we think it’s something that we can hold, touch, taste, and see that we’re after…it’s not that though.

We want experience that births fulfillment that blooms meaning.

And so we create.

We create conversation. We make a cup of coffee. We put the pen to paper and author a story.

For it is only by creating that we can cure, calm, and satisfy such wants and desires.

Alas, creating may be as cozy as one can get with joy.

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