The Cup-Bearers We Trust

Information and data was once a sacred commodity that only the few could afford access to. It was a stream we could fish in, but now it’s an ocean in which we can only hope to stay afloat.

Now that the information and data is too much to sift through, too thick to read, and changing all too often, it’s one’s recommendation that has now become the gold standard of our research.

Essentially, your sphere of influence now acts as your cup-bearer to the world you metaphorically drink in. In other words, we’ll trust the taste and palate of a friend over Google any day. I don’t see this changing anytime soon.

Think of it this way. When you pour your customer a drink, i.e., serve them – then somewhere down the road you’ve just poured one for one of their friends as well. But by the time the friend is ready to drink, he’ll already have a thumbs up or thumbs down about your style and service from the customer you served today.

Get this and you’ll get a win tomorrow.


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