Will You Introduce Us?

We bestow the titles of mentor and, sometimes, hero to those that introduce us to the unknown, the unseen, and more appropriately – the overlooked. They introduce us to what would have no name and what would have never been noticed if we weren’t to have had them explain, reveal, or shine a light for us on the subject matter.

This introducing the world to what one sees, I believe, is one of life’s highest callings.

Paul Valery once said, “To see is to forget the name of the thing one sees.”

What do you see?

Or, what have you seen that you have kept to yourself? Hint: That was for us as much as it was for you.

We need your enlightenment. It’s a major part of why you are here.

If seeing isn’t your thing or you claim you “can’t” see, know that you would be hard pressed to find one inch of this world that isn’t pregnant with meaning.

I believe that you must exist with eager anticipation that the expectant world is screaming to be introduced to us all through you.

Will you introduce us?

This place is one big game of ‘I Spy’.

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One thought on “Will You Introduce Us?

  1. Gede Prama says:

    Thank you for sharing and greetings πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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