Unplugged From the Ether

Approximately 90% of 4 years old have test results that show them to be creative. Just 1000 days later in their life, once they are at 7 years of age, this same group only shows to have 4% that show signs of a knack for creativity.

How does this happen?

Someone told them so. Someone told them to color within the lines. Someone told them to stay in line. Someone pulled the plug that, literally, they were born with.

There’s a reason a gold medal in passing exams doesn’t equate to a better world, healthy economies, and job growth.

One would have to believe that with these statistics it is safe to assume that probably only 1 in 100 after the age of 18 approach their days with the lense of creativity.

Leaders, parents, teachers, mentors, and coaches…If you can do one thing today, please plug your people back into the ether.

I would love to hear your feedback.

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