Something from nothing…

Every sunrise shines with golden rays of Good News.

And what is that news?

The news is just that…today, something NEW has the potential to be. What never has been, because of you, just may come to life…and even better, it just may change the trajectory of another’s day, story, or life.

And you get to co-create that something.

When our finiteness lends itself to the Infinite, this is when the music of creation is cued.

This is when something starts to arise from nothing.

So look and listen.

Put your ears to your chest.

Set your eyes to you the clouds.

Introduce your heart to your soul.

A piece of art is waiting on you to give it wings.

A child is needing you to mirror identity, curiosity, and compassion.

A song is tapping its toes but needs you give it a melody.

A note of encouragement is ready to be delivered.

It’s all here.

In que.

Awaiting you.

To make it new.

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