If you want to see war, you will see a war everywhere. If you’re looking for dead ends, every turn will continually produce no outlet for possibility. If you want pessimism, there’s plenty to be pessimistic about. And if you want cynicism, there’s plenty of opportunities to be cynical. You don’t have to look far for this to be true.

However, the same can also be said for another way.

A better way.

If you want to see love, you will always find an opportunity to see great love lingering in the mundane. If you long for peace, moments for peacemaking will consistently present themselves via serendipity.

Whatever it is we seek, eventually we find it.

If you’re seeking a war, there’s probably one happening in your chest.

If you’re seeking love, then your heart has probably been transformed into a jukebox that is pumping beautiful ballads.

Question…what do you want to see?

In the end, we will only see the world in whatever the posture of our heart is, from moment to moment. And how we see, in the world, is how we will be in the world.

As we drop our weapons, which can often be loaded with opinionated bullets, we find ourselves undefended and open handed. It’s at this time that we find our hands are now prepared to catch and receive the truth that is being presented to us everywhere and all of the time.

And then, and only then, can we beautifully regift that truth back into the world and for the good of those we’ve been entrusted to lead and befriend.

The moment, this one happening right now, holds such holy potential to both heal old wounds or create new ones. Show me someone that is undefended and I’ll show you someone that is ready to heal the people, the moments, and the stories their life crosses paths with.

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