Practice and Polish

Empathy — One must make himself available available to understand and share the feelings of another. Here there’s no goal. There’s simply honor. Honore to be human and be with another human. Are you available for just you or others as well? 

Tone — In the background surrounding everything you touch there’s a song at play. This song also projects itself into what and how you see.  Take note of what you hear as you plate a meal for your child, as you respond to and endless supply of emails, as you curate your craft, and as you navigate your one precious life. In short, this is the sound of the space you take up in the heart and minds of the world you interact with. Does your tone hurt or heal the world you’ve been entrusted?

Humility — Leggo your ego. Capiche?

Delivery —- Nearly everything we communicate is a story. Are you a good story teller? Better question…Are the stories you’re telling true?

Practice these.

Polish them.

Only then will possibility be in position to surprise and delight and you.

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