Does it ring true in nature?

This is a great question to ask at various stages of relationships, businesses, and even your very own life?

Seasons | Change, endings, and new beginnings are the rhyming theme of all things.

Ecosystems | Even what appears to be uncorrelated can actually be correlated. It’s all connected.

The collective good | Wind, rain, fire are working together to continually usher life and beauty into its various forms.

Growth followed by loss | You can’t get from summer to spring without autumn and winter.

Loss followed by renewal and growth | The hidden and unseen work is always laying the foundation for tomorrow’s growth.

Night and day | You won’t always be able to see well. And even when you can’t see well, give it time for your eyes to adjust to seeing in the dark.

If it’s not something you can see happening beneath your feet or before your eyes, it might be short-lived, unsustainable, unhealthy, and unrealistic.


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