Where to begin?

Begin with your breath.

The one right now.

The one sustaining your life in this moment.

Be with it until you recognize it for the gift it is and the gift it always has been.

If you can’t find it (satisfaction, fulfillment, freedom, joy, Heaven, etc.) here then you won’t find it in the next breath, moment, minute, hour, day, or year.

Our breath grounds us and if we are aware of it, it will open us.

Now that you’re grounded and open to receive the moment, begin with the surrounding ground just beneath your feet.

If you can’t find it (satisfaction, fulfillment, freedom, joy, Heaven, etc.) here you won’t find it in the next place, setting, job, city, state, or season.

Now that you’ve properly located ‘where to begin’, the universe will offer an endless supply and abundance of ‘what to begin’ next.

The question isn’t ‘Is it available?’.

The question is ‘Are we?’.

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