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Crayon Thieves

“Get a job.” That’s the mantra that upper level education has seared into our minds. And yet, today, it’s been harder than ever to find “that” job that you listened, studied, memorized, and tested four plus years for.

Perhaps this whole job pursuit is overrated? For instance, I know numerous people much smarter and better educated than I ever will be that are in the “perfect” job they prepared for. All to find that “perfect” place to be empty of experience, fulfillment, and meaning.

Rather, what if the pursuit was a search for a medium, a platform, a canvas, or a stage for you to express yourself and expose the world to what you feel, hear, and see that the rest of us don’t see but need to see?

You see, they took our Crayons from us when we got to junior high and we’ve been lost without them ever since. In the blink of an eye, our education experience went from being look what I painted, colored, or made to look who’s on the A team, look who’s pretty, or look who’s cool. One day we’re all in the talent show, the next day we’re lucky to be in the crowd watching the talent show.

If LTMPblog has any hope or purpose at all, may it be that it helps to spur you or any reader to find that something or some place that the world sees in black in white, but you see in color. If so, I believe you will have found your job. But please, at the proverbial cocktail parties don’t just tell people what you “do”. Instead, enlighten them to that which you expose. Entrepreneurs, artists, leaders, and world-changers are those that expose us to the colors unseen.

Your Box of Crayons > Your Diploma

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