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Episode 28: A Conversation with Dan Hyman

Dan Hyman is a freelance journalist currently based in Chicago. He’s written for Rolling Stone, New York Times, Esquire, Playboy, ELLE, GQ, Men’s Journal, NY Mag’s Vulture, and many other publications. 

Find all of Dan’s work by clicking here.

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Instruments In Hand

Watch musicians while playing with their instruments.

Musicians make funny faces. Musicians have weird moves. Musicians have their eyes wide open. Musicians move with their eyes shut.

Now turn and watch the musician’s fans…they are not bothered by the weirdness. Actually, they promote it – talk about it – sometimes even reenact it. The strange ways of the musician are why the fan buy his album, his shirt, and the ticket to his show.

Remember, our instruments make our music and our music tells our story.

The marketplace gives you a lot of freedom to be you when your instruments are in hand.

Let the music play.

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