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The Ins & Outs of Control

At some point we will realize “we” have no control over the stock market, what Google will do next, why our neighbor won’t mow his yard, or even the election.

However, we can control our thoughts, our dreams, our ideas, our actions, and even our reactions.

Grasping the idea that these things can be held and controlled should lead us to forming them well, protecting them better, and sharing them in the right places – with the right people.

We call those wanderers who are constantly jaded in managing the control panels of the world they think they can maneuver. These guys get out of bed, jump on to the hamster wheel, and stay on until bedtime.

We call those leaders who are in constant pursuit of making what is inside of them physical in this world. These guys constantly refine, define, and disect the controllable.

What you can’t control doesn’t deserve an ounce of your thinking. What you can control deserves every ounce of your being.

And while we’re on it, the concept that the weight of the world can fit on your shoulders is a misnomer.

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