Marketing Department

The reason 3 million iPad 3’s flew off the shelves in the first week of sales has no connection whatsoever to a Super Bowl ad, a spread in the Wall Street Journal, or any other advertising media outlets.

Sure, Apple brands better than anyone else, but they also are making products that are far better than the pack. Thus, the end-user has a great product, shares the experience of that product, and simultaneously markets the product on Apple’s behalf.

The reason 3 million iPad 3’s flew off the shelf is because, finally, 3 million people had 1, 2, 3, or 10 plus friends say “you’ve got to get one of these” OR they loved the experience with the iPad 1 and 2 so much that they came back for seconds.

2 take aways:

  • Great ideas, services, and products rarely, if ever, require advertising to convince us to partake in them.
  • Great companies today must realize that no one in their marketing department is actually on the pay roll.


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