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iOS 8

When is the last time you renewed, refreshed, recharged, and revamped what’s on the inside?

Like I said yesterday, it’s easy to forget about skin and bones in a world that portrays itself to be powered by buttons and batteries.

And herein lies the gospel of You…you’ll never need a wi-fi code to connect. You came preloaded with everything you need. It appears we could all just use some reminders and awareness to always keep honing our instruments that we arrived here with.

You are now free to move about the cosmos.

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The Way

The way Norah Jones finishes her lyrics.

The way Seth Godin gets us to the point.

The way that one friend cares.

The way Ralph Waldo Emerson shared his awareness.

The way Sinatra did it his way.

The way a mother just knows.

The way a coach believes.

The way Apple designs.

The way that one person gave you a chance.

The way that you experienced that caused you to never be the same.

And then there’s the way you do that special thing you were sent here to do.

Which leads us back to that comma conversation. Be a way that paves the way for another’s way.

We’re all in this together. I for you and you for me.

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Look Who’s Talking

Have you noticed that Apple is only one not convincing us to buy iPhone 5?

Look at the growth of your business, church, service, book, blog, or idea.

Chances are this growth is not coming from your promotions. Instead, it’s probably due to your tribe sharing your story.

“Wow” your people and then let them share.

People are the last thing we haven’t found a way to SPAM.

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Medals and Dominoes

The iPod was out of the box. Medal #1.

The iPhone started its own box. Medal #2.

The iPad has now finished that box and the masses have taken up residence there. Medal #3.

And we know, today, the minds in Cupertino are imagining and creating what will lead to medals #4, #5, #6, etc.

Remarkable is the habit of the greats.

Is it me – or does the 20th Olympic medal look a lot easier to get than the first?

Do something so wild – 

Create something so extravagant –

Serve in a way that is so mind-blowing that you cause the first domino to fall –

He will then pave the way for the rest.

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