Behind The Scenes

We can see and hear who has bloodied their fingers for years in the guitar solo scene.

We can see who practiced free throws in the 4th quarter scene.

We can see who connected, who prospected, and who studied the market in the closing the sale scene.

The solo perfected scene, the free throw made scene, and the closing the sale scene only can happen because of what has happened behind them.

The same goes for the missed solo, missed free throw, and the sale fail. These guys have predecessors too.

We all want to star the scene, but the limelight tends to find those who have courted their art for years in the dim light.

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3 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes

  1. I also recently read a quote that said, “If we all ran the ran the race there would be no one cheering on the sidelines.” The principle really moved me.

  2. denny bishop says:

    Excellent blog!

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