THE Green Jacket

A tradition unlike any other begins this week. The Masters. Golf’s quest for THE green jacket.
A few thoughts on THE green jackets we all should be in pursuit of and that some of us have won/earned.
  • Even though you’ve won the green jacket before it doesn’t guarantee another win in today’s competition.
  • Rarely does hole 72 determine who gets the green jacket. How was your sand play, iron play, and chipping holes 1-71?
  • This year’s competition field will be better, sharper, more focused, and younger than last years. Not to mention they probably want the green jacket more than they did last year too. This is no time for “been there done that.”
  • Every past green jacket winner, typically, has one bite of wisdom. “Putt well.” Romance in the small leads to success in the big picture.
  • If you don’t have a green jacket you’re in pursuit of – find one or dream one. Then master the route to it. Hint: The Muse already knows your seam measurements before your mastering quest begins.
When it comes to your trophies, you can show them off and you can dust them off, but their history and their shine doesn’t have much say when you tee off today.
Every year during this week I’m reminded of how the silent game of golf screams this is how life/business/etc. really is.
Godspeed in your green jacket voyage.
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3 thoughts on “THE Green Jacket

  1. mrsg1 says:

    Great insight and well said.

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